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Here is some young guy working the Noon
 News....How about that new Solid State Collins

Airline Console Radio l938 
 This is Montgomery Wards Airline Console from l938. The rotary dial and pushbuttons connected to a complicated dial string/gear arrangement that moved the entire dial indicator which was a transparent celluloid drum. Backlit, too! 5 bands, 18 tubes...15" speaker.. this
 baby really sounds great on the AM and Shortwave bands.

....To the left is an early battery
                                              powered "Imperial" TRF receiver..
                                              and the Western Electric tubes for it.

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Grebe "SynchroPhase" Receiver
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                                              This is my favorite radio from the
                                              l920's. Battery powered, it contains 4
                                              shock mounted Western Electric
                                              triodes. It is a tuned radio frequency
                                              receiver (TRF) with differential
                                              tuning between stages. The
                                              differential tuning is accomplished by
                                              a chain drive between tuning stages,
                                              which are not capacitors, but moving
                                              coils within other coils! Variations in
                                              tracking between tuned stages can be
                                              accommodated by the slack in the ball
                                              chain connecting the three stages! To
                                              the left of the Grebe is an Atwater
                                              Kent speaker.