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The precision brass and stainless steel construction of the saddles, fine tuning mechanisms, and intonation controls adds stability of tuning.

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A Fender Squire equipped with the BeaverTone Tremelo and Pickguard

Here you see a low-priced Fender Squire guitar retrofitted with the revolutionary BeaverTone (tm) System from BluezBlazer Guitars. The advanced resonating baseplate and solid aluminum pickguard coupled with solid shielding practices make the sound of this guitar like no other...

Complete hardware packages are $200 for aluminum/steel and $250 for all brass.

The Beavertone Tremelo

To the left is a closeup of the BeaverTone (tm) Tremelo. The six black small knobs allow precise fine tuning of the strings, which can be done with the playing hand while the guitar sustains! Precision intonation adjustments are provided by the hex nuts. Adjustable bridge height and tremelo tension is obtained with the acorn nut at the top.

This tremelo is made from high grade naval brass, with stainless steel hardware. With the brass pickguard, it retails for $250.