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BluesBlazer Guitar Company 
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BluesBlazer Guitar Company and the BeaverTone Tremolo System will be featured at the NAMM trade show in Los Angeles in January, 1998! 

COMING SOON! BluesBlazer Guitar Company proudly presents our NEW Deluxe Bridge-End Tuning Controls as an upgrade option! Now perform fine-tuning of your guitar using conveniently-located, precision-accurate tuners!

Products The BeaverTone Tremolo System helps eliminate all of the problems associated with the various guitar tremolo systems on the market today. Drifting tuning, poor intonation control, frequent string breakage, awful frequency response, imperfect pitch return, and slack storage are just a few of the problems addressed by the BeaverTone Tremolo System. Click here for product information.
Demos See the BeaverTone Tremolo System in action! Click here to download audio clips! Or, view our Testimonials Page to see what others are saying about the BeaverTone Tremolo System.
The BluesBlazer Guitar Company manufactures custom, 100% American-made guitars featuring the BeaverTone Tremolo System for prominent artists throughout the world. NEW!
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Visit our Online Forum! Discuss topics including jazz, blues, the BluesBlazer Guitar Company, the BeaverTone Tremolo System, and other interesting music-related subjects.
Get up-to-the-minute information on up-and-coming blues festivals in your area.
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