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USS EATON: My first Navy ship

Proudly served USN l968-1974

"This dude (Catskill Kid)is a Riot on the Imus Chat" .... Jeremy Newberger, Associate Producer, Imus on MSNBC

Here is a nice BluezBlazer Guitar in walnut finish with aluminum pickguard... Click here for more neat BluezBlazer Pics

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Click Here For LIVE CHAT!Chatroom 3rd Version..Youll Love it!!!The Joke-A-Torium!!

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Here I am holding a fine BluezBlazer guitar, equipped with our patent pending BeaverTone (tm) tremelo system. Please click on the BluezBlazer link to the left for more information.

Adam, my son, and my loving helpmate of 13 years, Janet,(herself a journeyman machinist) produce them. And we all play them, as well.

Here is Janet, my loving life's mate for 13 years. She's great!

We are located in the Central Catskill region of New York State, where we live in a cabin Adam and I constructed. We have 16 fenced acres of woods, streams, springs,and meadows. Wildlife abounds..deer, rabbit, squirrel, turkey...and it's not unusual to see several whitetails and turkeys together just a few yards from the door.

In fact, on opening day of deer season last year, Janet shot a buck in her bathrobe from the front porch steps. How the buck got in her bathrobe, I'll never know...(groan, I know..its soo old~)

Gang, its always a blast for me to play radio on the computer with all the fine Imus cohorts in the AM...and we are looking forward to trading pics, gags, and anecdotes with you every day.

Thanks for taking a peek-ski at my page, please let me know what your thoughts are.

The Catskill Kid and Company: Don Janet Adam

Adam, Blues Machinist Son

And this tall lad is Adam, holding one of our conversion guitars in front of what he calls "The Iron Maiden", a vertical milling machine.

Ladies, FYI, Adam is soon to be 21, single, and his life is music and machinery. He is also a skilled machinist who makes parts for the Space Station 2000 project (NASA) and he also mills all the metal parts on our guitars.

Please click on the Adam link and see how Adam made the front page. (click here Adam's story)

Adam also is an acoustic and electric blues guitarist, he writes, sings, and plays the blues harp and piano as well.

"Keep your eyes open and your knees loose, gang...Excelsior!" Jean Shepherd

Our thanks to our fine 19 year old son David for his considerable help getting this site up and running!Thanks also to my lovely daughter, Alexandra, for her graphics design and assistance. Love you, guys!

David and Alex